Media & Presentation Training

When you are in the spotlight, smiles and hand gestures will not compensate for talking points that are not clear

The philosophy behind each one of our media training and presentation coaching sessions is that every presentation, press interview or sales meeting is an opportunity to deliver key messages to a targeted audience. While the audience may differ, your preparation and your narrative should be the same. Our training covers:

  • Print and broadcast media
  • Client pitches and finals meetings
  • Panel discussions
  • Keynote speeches
  • Investor relations and roadshows
  • Executive coaching


We help our clients understand how the press works, why journalists behave in certain ways and how to anticipate and prepare for the tough questions. We put substance ahead of style and work on content and teach the skills necessary to deliver the right message to reporters.


  • We begin with a primer on the media
  • Emphasize the importance of preparation
  • Review the do’s and don’ts of working with the press
  • Anticipate and respond to tough questions and topics
  • Prepare for crisis situations as needed
  • Conduct mock print and video interviews
  • Provide honest feedback and perspective that may not have been heard before

We help our clients work with reporters so that they don’t just get through the interview, they get their points across in the story and get the most out of their time spent with the press. 


Preparation is critical to delivering an effective presentation. Our training sessions are designed to help executives present confidently and in a manner that their audience will understand and remember.


  • Client pitches and finals meetings
  • Panel discussions
  • Keynote speeches
  • nvestor relations calls and presentations
  •  Pre-IPO Roadshows
  •  Executive coaching

We combine our message development expertise and the tactical components of presentation delivery to ensure that our clients tell their story in a compelling way.