Key Message Development

Stand out from the crowd with content THAT is clear AND will be REMEMBERED

Our goal is to develop clear talking points that are easy to articulate and understand and will form the basis for all communications. The audience may differ but the narrative should be the same. We cut through the data and verbiage to bring the compelling information forward.


  •  Strategic corporate initiatives
  • Leadership transitions
  • New organizations, spin-offs or mergers
  • Pre-IPO Roadshows
  • Crisis and critical issues
  • Conferences and industry events
  • Product launches
  •  Instances where no messaging exists but is needed

All stakeholders are important and are considered part of the message development process. While messaging can be modified for different audiences, consistency is a critical aspect of this exercise.

What we do:

We assess what you are saying and then make it easy for a broad audience to understand, with words that are more impactful, quotable and memorable. This includes adjusting messaging that is ineffective or counterproductive.

Once core messages are developed, we help you weave those messages into impactful content for various communications, including the following:

  • Websites
  • Marketing collateral
  • Sales presentations
  • Client communications
  • Investor presentations and calls
  • Employee communications
  • Industry panel presentations and keynote addresses
  • Press releases
  • White papers

Finally, we work with employees throughout the organization through our Media & Presentation Training to ensure that everyone is telling the same story.

How we are different:

Our broad business and financial services knowledge enables us to bring much-needed expertise to the process of crafting your business story. We have worked inside and with corporations regarding management and strategy, so that our experience is rooted in real-world business applications in addition to communications.

Our message development is research-driven. We do our homework on your business, the broad industry and the competitive landscape. This allows us to contemplate what is currently said in the marketplace about your organization versus what really needs to be heard. We listen to what you and your teams are saying and then help crystallize what is most compelling

This is not just about media messaging. All stakeholders are important and must be considered as part of the message development process. And while messaging can be modified for different audiences, we firmly believe that consistency is the most critical aspect of this exercise.