Who is Happiest With The Facebook Debacle?

Now that most of the breaking news is about Facebook, Nasdaq and Morgan Stanley, the heat has come off of JPMorgan. At least from a press perspective things have likely quieted down for Mr. Dimon and his communications team.  I am sure it is a welcome break to get off the front page, for now at least.  This is a good opportunity for them to have a breather, even though it will be a brief one. Plus, they can relish the fact that Mr. Dimon has been named one of the best-dressed CEOs, according to CNBC.

Or is the happier party NYSE Euronext? They suffered a blow when they lost the Facebook IPO after successfully listing other tech-based firms including LinkedIn and Pandora.  But now they can jump on this opportunity get Facebook back in their corner as well as sway other firms that may have been on the fence about where to list their IPO.

Not all bad news is bad for everyone.